• Imago Relationship Therapy (skype sessions available)
  • Individual and family therapy
  • Imago Therapy Telecourses for Couples
  • Childhood abuse (emotional and physical)
  • Codependency
  • Divorce
  • Affairs

The time often comes in our lives when we realize we’re not living as fully and joyfully as we want. We may be depressed, unable to connect in relationships, or in relationships that aren’t working. We may be experiencing difficulties at work, dealing with addictions of some kind, or just feeling tired of not feeling good. These are all symptoms of something deeper.

Growing up is a hard job. We can’t help but experience pain along the way. We learn to cope…to deal with the pain in any way we can. Whatever we learn to do to protect ourselves as kids keeps us safe, as we do our best to get our needs met. We either fight, withdraw, hide, freeze, submit, or freak out. We continue to use these defenses as adults, when we don’t feel safe. They only serve to keep us feeling alone and disconnected from others. So we need to learn about our ways of coping, and begin to communicate in a way that frees us from the reactive behaviors of the past.

I use many avenues to facilitate this awareness, and to guide you to reclaim the whole, expressive, free being that you are.

I used the “we” pronoun intentionally here. I continue to go through my own life journey, and as I’ve come through different layers, I’ve come to value and respect my own journey……and most certainly yours. We’re all in this together…this healing adventure toward creating loving relationships with ourselves and others.

Feel free to contact me. Maybe I can guide you in the right direction toward getting the help you need. I have a nationwide registry of wonderful therapists. You deserve to heal.