About Imago

Committed love relationships are the most powerful and prized of all human experiences and have the potential for the deepest personal and social healing. The mission of Imago is to create a new way to love and to transform the world one relationship at a time. To this end, Imago Relationships International develops and supports a global network of professionals and volunteers who are committed to using Imago theory and practices to help all interested persons create and sustain mutually fulfilling, healing, and egalitarian love relationships and to help parents rear whole and loving children in the service of improving the quality of society.

About Imago Relationship Therapy

Imago Relationship Therapy provides a unique opportunity for couples to learn how to use the issues that arise in their relationship for growth and healing. It offers communication tools that will allow both people to feel safe and connected as they talk about problems, instead of entering the ever painful “power struggle.”

Power struggles are about RIGHT/WRONG, WIN/LOSE, YOU OR ME. These stances automatically create disconnection. When we feel disconnected from our partner, the pain we feel gets expressed in several ways: through affairs, silence, anger, addictions, name calling, etc, etc, etc. All of these only create more pain. What’s important to understand is that “If we knew better, we’d do better.” We learned to do relationships from people who didn’t know what to do either.

I want to teach you how to begin to experience WIN/WIN. What a relief!!!! All of us want safety, compassion and understanding to be at the heart of our relationship. Imago is a path toward that longing. It is the “something different” that can guide you to the relationship of your dreams. I feel blessed to be able to do this work, and I believe that you will too!

Imago Relationship Therapy* will help you:

Use relationship challenges to promote growth and healing.
Develop compassion and empathy for yourself and your partner.
Feel safety and passion in your relationship.
Bring Romance back into your lives.
Play and have fun with each other.
Consciously create the relationship you’ve always wanted.
Develop better relationships with family and friends.

Who Will Benefit?

Couples who want to learn more effective ways to communicate.
Couples who are thinking about divorce, and would rather rekindle the love and connection they had.
Anyone who wants to improve the quality of his or her relationship.


*Harville Hendrix, whose best seller, “Getting the Love You Want,” has been helping couples worldwide for years, developed IRT.