2-day Couple’s Intensive Retreat using Imago Relationship Therapy

Give yourselves the opportunity to spend 2 days learning and growing and healing.  Just you two!!

Weekly couples therapy is ideal for those who don’t have the time or resources to take two days out of their schedules.

For those of you looking for a retreat atmosphere, and the time to dive in and create the relationship you envisioned when you got together, this is for you. 

This retreat includes:

  1. 2 days, 6hrs each day, any two consecutive days you choose. (In person, or on Zoom)
  2. 5 – 90 minute sessions following your retreat (whenever you choose. In person, or on zoom)
  3. All materials guiding you toward a new relational experience.

Who should consider a two-day intensive?

  1. Couples who’ve spent years trying to improve their communication and continue feeling unheard, feel as if they walk on eggshells, fight, or just feel stuck.
  2. If there has been an affair and you just can’t seem to heal it and move forward.
  3. Your reactive communication styles are impacting your whole family.
  4. If you continually find yourself in the same relationships…different names, difference faces, same issue.
  5. If once weekly couples therapy isn’t helping your relationship as you hoped it would.
  6. If you are getting married and want to consciously learn how to deal with whatever conflict inevitably comes up…right out of the gate!
  7. If divorce is imminent and neither of you want to go there.

Options if you don’t live in So. Fla.

  1. Come to Florida, and I’ll help you find a hotel.
  2. I’ll come to you. I am available Internationally.
  3. Zoom, or Telehealth. It works well remotely!

A testimonial from a client;

“The time we spent together allowed us not only to learn a new methodology for communicating, but also to touch on some of the “hottest” recurring issues of our relationship in a completely different way.  By having you in the room, we both felt safe to speak truthfully and more importantly listen empathically, setting aside our preconceived barriers or judgments.  It is amazing how much space for new possibilities we can find when we engage this way.”

Call or email me to see if this could be what you’re looking for: 954-649-5755 or Bobbi@Bobbinewman.com