Looking For Connection

Isn’t that the longing? Intimacy in relationships requires safety. There will always and forever be conflict, differences of opinion, unmet needs and wants, and frustration talking about it. What I hear when working with couples is “it doesn’t matter what I say, my partner gets upset when I try and say what’s bothering me, he/she’s always on their phone which is more important than I am, and what’s the use.”

If that’s what you feel, you are not alone. Every couple that comes to me comes with some form of these issues. Too many couples wait until it’s their last ditch effort. Feeling helpless is what often brings couples into therapy, hopeful that their relationship can improve and that they can experience the connection they once had. The imago dialogue enables a couple to CHOOSE connection, rather than doing what they know which usually leads to pain and disconnect.
What if you could begin to feel safe and connected to your partner. What if there is another way to develop that connection you had in the beginning.

What if???

There is another way. It takes time, commitment, a willingness to create what you both want. If you fell in love with this man or woman, GO FOR IT. There’s a gift in the conflict…though it certainly doesn’t feel that way.

My commitment to you is to teach you what I know. It’s to help you see yourself and your partner with compassion instead of contempt, with understanding rather than criticism, and to learn and that you are together for a reason; healing, growth, and a deeper connection.